Talking Tom

Keep up with Talking Tom and his brilliant words of wisdom.
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📣 NEW GAME: My Talking Tom Friends! 📣 Pre-Register Now to Play it FIRST


📣 It’s happening! 📣 Pre-register now on Google Play and be the first to play the NEW GAME, My Talking Tom Friends! 🏡

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Talking Tom and his friends are living together for the first time EVER! That’s right! All six friends. One awesome house. UNLIMITED FUN! 🥳💛

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Join Tom’s Pirate Adventure! My Talking Tom 2 NEW GAME UPDATE (Gameplay)


Ahoy, maties! Have you spotted the pirate hat in My Talking Tom 2 yet? ? It’s your ticket to a PIRATE ADVENTURE with your best friend! Click on the hat and let the fun begin on Pirate Beach! ??‍☠️?

Discover two awesome new pirate games! Can you help Tom find his pets on the beach? Or hit the bullseye with your epic skills? There’s treasure in it for you if you can, me hearties! ?‍☠️ So what are you waiting for?

Check out the new update and join Captain Tom’s pirate crew! ?

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⚠️ NEW GADGET ALERT in Talking Tom Hero Dash (NEW GAME TRAILER) ⚠️


? It zooms over water. ? It blasts past obstacles.⚡ It’ll help you stop the raccoon madness. It’s… THE HYPERBOARD!

Talking Tom Heroes

Take a sneak peek into the amazing world of Talking Tom Heroes.
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Talking Tom Heroes: The Adventure Begins! (Playlist)


Introducing Talking Tom Heroes! Together they’re super friends and superheroes. They’re here to save the day!

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Talking Tom Heroes – Beat the Raccoon (Episode 2)


BANG! The Raccoon Robber has busted into the library and taken hostages! Now it’s up to the Talking Tom Heroes to find a way to stop him in his tracks.

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Talking Tom Heroes – Giant Bubble Trouble (Episode 3)


HELP! Talking Ginger and his friends have been captured by giant bubbles and they’re floating away, higher and higher into the sky…

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Talking Tom Heroes – The Missing Hero Crystal (Episode 4)


Talking Tom and Friends must save the life of a beached whale. But Talking Tom’s Power Crystal is missing. DISASTER! Can he help his friends without his superpowers?!

Talking Tom And Friends

Follow the latest adventures of Talking Tom and the gang!
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PREMIERE! Hank’s First Date | Season 5 Episode 2


Talking Hank is going on his first-ever date… And it’s with Talking Becca! Could it be that romance is in the air? Or is Hank about to mess this up in a way that only he can?

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Neighbor Roy | Season 5 Episode 1


A new neighbor is moving in next door! But Talking Tom thinks he’s… TOO perfect. Can he expose the new guy’s dark secret? Or is jealousy making him totally paranoid?

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Escape: Impossible! | Season 4 Episode 25


Talking Tom and Friends get trapped in a storage room. Now TV detectives Bongo and McGillicuddy must find the villain and help them get out!

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Chocolate Battle | Season 4 Episode 23


Talking Tom and Friends enter a battle royale for a big chocolate price, but not everyone’s playing fair. This means war!

Talking Angela

Check out the latest fashion and lifestyle tips from Talking Angela.
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Oops! Clumsy Talking Angela – Pokes and Fails


Although Talking Angela is pretty chilled out and elegant most of the time, even she has clumsy moments – at least in her apps anyway.

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🦄 Unicorn Dance Party! 🦄 NEW Game Update in My Talking Angela (Gameplay)


🦄✨🌈 Do you want to join my unicorn dance crew? Then LET’S PARTY! Join me at my unicorn extravaganza birthday party and dazzle like a unicorn, #LittleKitties!

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❄️ Winter Princess Dance with My Talking Angela ❄️


❄️?Winter magic has arrived in the new My Talking Angela update, #LittleKitties! Watch as I transform into a sparkling winter princess and dance on the most enchanted dance stage EVER! It’s like a dream come true. It’s like… MAGIC! ✨

And there’s more! We can take special wintry photos with frosty new filters and chill out on my snowy terrace. All we need now is a hot chocolate. Yum! This really is the most wonderful time of the year! Come and join me, #LittleKitties!

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Halloween Dance Party with My Talking Angela (SPOOKY!)


It’s #Halloween!! ? Have you heard that Talking Angela is throwing THE SCARIEST dance party of the year, #LittleKitties?! ?️?

Put on your most SPOOKtacular costume, paint your BOOtiful face, grab some treats, and show your FANGtastic moves on the Halloween dancing stage! ??

Talking Tom and Friends Minis

Mini in size, but massive in fun!
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Minis #59 – The Magic Show


When their friends need cheering up, Talking Tom and Talking Ben come up with an amazing plan! A plan so good, you might say it’s… magical!

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Minis #54 – Smartphone Diet


Talking Angela’s smartphone died. What a shock! Now Talking Tom has to keep her entertained while her smartphone is repaired.

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Minis #53 – Lunar New Year Celebrations


It’s snowing and the gang’s getting the house ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year. But where’s Talking Hank?

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Minis #52 – Angela’s Birthday Surprise


It’s Talking Angela’s birthday, but Talking Tom’s forgotten all about it! Can the guys pull off an amazing celebration in time?